Tips to Close Your SEO Leads

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The Best Way To Close SEO Leads

It’s a fact that generating SEO leads online can be challenging. The demand for clients is so high that businesses are spending a lot of money to rank organically in the search engines. Because of that, the cost per click for bids on AdWords is reaching new heights.

Close More Deals and Make More Money

Consider all the lost money and opportunity due to leads that slip through the cracks and therefore aren’t closed. Today we’re highlighting eight simple tips that can help you close more deals and make more money.

1. The early bird typically gets the worm. When you receive an SEO lead, contact them immediately! Visitors to your site are usually researching several other companies, so if you get back to them immediately, your company will still be top of mind.

2. Take the time to identify the concerns and expectations of the lead. You need to listen, encourage, and respond to each SEO lead’s individual concerns and expectations. So let them do the talking and truly listen!

3. Remain optimistic and realistic. People are going to disappear, lose interest and in some cases, choose other opportunities. Remember that this is a sales process, so stay positive and true to your word.

4. Don’t give up. Many prospects slip through the cracks because the deal wasn’t closed during the first communication. It takes a lot of follow-up before a lead is prepared to be closed. You should expect 5 – 10 contact points, at the very least, before a lead will close.

5. Develop a system and adhere to it. Staying organized and on track is vitally important, and a solid lead management system can track every contact, attempted contact, and help you to keep notes about what you have discussed with each communication.

6. Acquaint yourself with every aspect of your competitors. In order to know what sets you apart, you must know your competition inside and out. If a lead says they have to get back to you because they’re going to contact a competitor, you will be prepared to deter them with relevant information.

7. Stick to the script. You don’t want to sound robotic when talking to prospects, but you also don’t want to be searching for answers. Prepare an outline to follow, which focuses heavily questions so the prospect does most of the talking.

8. Stay on top of your numbers. You need to follow your close ratio for every source of traffic. Take the time to track all conversions and then identify where each originated.

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